International dissemination and marketing

We have significant reach into all of the major markets worldwide – for example, our annual Economics catalogue is mailed to over 90,000 academics, booksellers, professionals and libraries, with several thousand more accessing it online.

We pride ourselves on our extensive in-house mailing lists which enable us to target precise audiences worldwide. Elgar books are displayed at all major conferences across the world, as well as at many smaller, more specialised meetings.

We work with academics, booksellers, professionals and libraries around the globe, reaching over 140 countries.

From catalogues and conferences, to our eBook platform and social media channels, information on your book will be disseminated widely by our international marketing teams. Our well-established global reputation will get your book noticed and we will ensure it is readily available across the world.

We recognise the importance of getting your work cited. To maximise visibility our books are included in the Thomson Reuters’ Book Citation Index and Scopus.

Please watch the video to learn more, or contact our marketing department ([email protected]) for a copy of our marketing information brochure.